5 Ways to Please a Man in Bed

Setting the stage before entering the bedroom is a great way to get in the zone for sex. You can do this before bed by cooking a delicious dinner, watching a romantic movie, and setting the mood with new satin sheets and your favorite music. Creating a romantic environment for the bedroom will make him look forward to your next erotic adventure. Once he’s in bed, he’ll be thrilled to have you in the bedroom.


Despite what you may think, spontaneity is an essential part of having sex with a man. Whether you’re having sex with him once in a while or on a scheduled basis, there are many benefits to spontaneous sex. In addition to keeping the relationship exciting and dynamic, it can also increase your libido. Here are five ways to please your man while retaining spontaneity.

First of all, be spontaneous. Women love spontaneous men, but many men do not like it. Try flirting with your partner by complimenting him for a change. This may help you to overcome some inhibitions. During the day, try to look your partner in the eye and smile. Try not to make him feel unimportant. It’s also important to be honest. Besides, you don’t want to come across as too sexual.

Lastly, do not let yourself feel pressured to be spontaneous. Women’s libido can be eroded by the stress of having to satisfy a man spontaneously. You may end up killing your libido in the process. Moreover, this can be a risky approach, if you have to please a man with your spontaneousness.

When it comes to spontaneous sex, the results are more exciting and fulfilling than those with a well-planned date. Planning a night out beforehand is a mistake because it takes the fun out of it. You might have a nice night when you’re in a mood and spontaneous sex pops up, but as soon as the excitement wears off, your spontaneity won’t be so great.

Directly asking a man what he wants

Directly asking a man what he desires in bed can go a long way. For example, if you want to know how he feels in bed, ask him to name his favorite romantic scene from a movie or book. Then, when you’ve discussed his feelings, you can ask him about his sexual fantasies. If you can’t find the right words, consider asking him for his thoughts instead.

Another trick is to ask him about his favorite body parts. Men tend to be a lot quieter in bed than women are. If you’re not sure which body part he wants, ask him about it and practice foreplay while in bed. Then, when he does respond, you can move on to another subject and repeat the process. If you can’t satisfy him with his own words, you can “next” him.

Exploring a man’s sexual fantasy

If you want to spice up your relationship and give your relationship an extra boost, try incorporating his fantasies into your sex life. According to research, 77 percent of Americans want to explore their partner’s fantasies in bed, but less than 20 percent of couples have even broached the subject. To be sure, you must learn to communicate with your partner before, during, and after sexual intercourse. While fantasies are completely normal and healthy, they should be shared with your partner. Keeping them to yourself may cause some complications, so it’s important to take it slowly.

For example, many men have a secret desire to watch couples kiss. It’s a kinky pleasure that most men don’t even act on. Moreover, men can feel embarrassment if they are caught in the act. This is why exploring a man’s fantasy in bed is so important. Men are visual creatures, and the ability to experience a scene and discuss it with their partner can be a huge turn-on.

how to please a man in bed

While some fantasies are very challenging, there are many ways to make your fantasies more enjoyable for both of you. Incorporating these fantasies into your sexual intercourse is a great way to create a deeper and more intimate connection. Explore his fantasies with your partner and you’ll see how they change and develop. By taking the time to learn more about his fantasies, you’ll be able to achieve a better sex life and a healthier relationship.

Men often think about their sex more than women do. By exploring his sexual fantasies, you can open your partner’s mind to the wild side of his mind. His fantasies can push you to explore your kink side and spice up your sex life. Just remember to explore his fantasies and have fun! It’s never too late to experiment. You’ll surprise yourself and your partner!

Taking control of his orgasm

For men, climaxing too soon can lead to a premature ejaculation. Moreover, premature ejaculation can lead to feelings of sexual frustration. By learning to control your orgasm time, you can enjoy sex to the fullest. But before you start attempting to please a man, here are some tips to get him orgasmic faster.

Taking care of the whole man sexually

Men are visual learners. To please them, you should use nonverbal communication and demonstrate affection by touching them. One way to do this is to lay on the bed and touch yourself. This is a sexy role play that is easy to do. Also, remember that men like when you maintain eye contact. They are attracted to the fact that you care about them as a whole.

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