Summer, the hottest season of the year is back with a bang, and is suffocating every single person like hell. This is the only season which is hated to the core by most of the people, especially Indians because this season makes them suffer a lot. But, will the scorching heat stop you from partying hard or attending a cocktail party at someone special’s place? It shouldn’t. Summer will come and go, but the opportunity to enjoy or the fun filled moments will never come back. Therefore, it’ll be wise if you attend a summer cocktail party with full grace and enthusiasm. Remember one thing, this season must not stop you from going ahead and having fun.

Choosing an appropriate attire for a summer cocktail party is going to be quiet challenging. Do you know why? It’s because all type of clothes or fabric won’t suit you or provide you sheer comfort this season. Light dresses are said to be the best attire one can wear this summer because they flow and don’t cling to your body. But, if you are visiting a sophisticated cocktail party, then wearing a simple cotton dress won’t be happening; instead, wear a beautiful cocktail gown that will make look stunning, and feel comfortable.

Gowns come in various designs and styles, and each design/style sprouts from a specific country. For instance in England, most of the gowns are tailored in a ball-gown style or a princes-gown style, isn’t it? Indians too adopted this style earlier, but now, to create their own mark, they have created a new type of gown which is known as the ‘Indian gowns’. Indian gowns have the flow and flare of a western gown, but the embroidery and sequins embedded over it are of pure Indian origin.

Indian gowns’ main specialty is the embroidery done on them or the sequins embedded on them. Most of the Indian gowns have zari or zardosi work done all over it, especially on the bust region; and even Gota Patti work is a very common Indian embroidery don over long evening gowns.

To make the gowns look even more ethnic, Indian designers have taken one step ahead by chopping off the western idea to keep a gown flared or fluffy enough by adding can-cans. Instead, they design the gowns in the shape of a maxi dress, and to add extra ethnic touch they either make saree pleats, in order to give it a saree gown look, or they just simply add a dupatta to give it a pure ethnic look.

Have you ever tried wearing Indian gowns? If no, then purchase it right away so that you can flaunt it this summer at a cocktail party. Indian gowns have set fire to the fashion industry, so it’s pretty obvious that any woman donning these types of gowns would look ravishing. So, keep calm and hands down don a pretty Indian gown before you visit a summer cocktail party.

Source by Pallabi Ray Chaudhuri

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