Are you still trying to decide what you are going to wear for your Matric Farewell dance? Your date probably has the most gorgeous dress imaginable, but you can’t think of a way to match her. Rest assured that these ideas will help you look fantastic.

Luckily the girl always knows what colours to wear to her Matric Farewell. She probably told you that she wants you to wear the same colour. She might not have thought that out properly, since her dress is the colour of scarlet. Don’t wear a bold colour as the suit, wear it as your shirt or tie. You will be seen by your class mates so there’s no need to worry that no one will notice you.

If your girlfriend has generously asked you to pick the theme, what are your first ideas? You want to look good on this day. A part of you is eager enough to wear something that will dramatically stand out, but another is telling you that you should probably tone it down. Don’t do something dramatic unless it’s a group thing.

The theme may be related to the illustrious Red Carpet events. The first thing most people think about is glitter and sequins. Not many guys will want to go with a stage look so why not go with a men’s suit that is made of satin or suede? It looks just as glamorous and you won’t feel like you are on the wrong stage.

What could you possibly wear if the school decided that they want to have a really weird theme? For example, Victorian, Edwardian, Fairies, or a Pot of Gold (yes, it is an actual theme). For the Victorian and Edwardian theme you can easily have tails on your suit with satin-like lapels, or you could wear a tuxedo. Some Matric Farewell planning committees may decide on a weird or outrageous theme in order to be different such as fairies and leprechauns. What could you wear to these themes? Let your date be the colourful one unless you are really into rainbows. If you are then go for a unique style men’s suit and wear a few bold colours that will match the theme.

The point of a Matric Farewell suit is to look elegant and to turns heads. Your Matric Farewell is a once in a lifetime event (unless your date hasn’t reached matric yet) and you should make sure that you are comfortable and stylish in what you choose to wear that night.

Source by Zubair Dawood

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