Everyone can wear black, or so the fashion world would have you believe.

Chanel Ready to wear Fall 2009/Winter 2010 went back to what Chanel does best. Black and white. Clothes are predominantly black.

Season after season, virtually every designer’s fashion shows feature plenty of black clothes. Black is the staple in every fashionistica’s wardrobe. Hey black is slimming and everyone wants to look slimmer right?

Black is a no-brainer when it comes to color coordination since black goes with everything. In bad times, conservative fashion houses may wish to stick to black – a safe color since black is sophisticated, elegant and sexy. If the color flatters you in the first place.

The problem with black is that it drains the color from your face. If you like the goth look, or wish to look like a bloodless vampire, or look like a vampire drained you of all your blood, the color-draining effect of black would be ideal.

For everyone else, wear black with caution.

Black looks fabulous on people with ruddy skin or rosy cheeks. Those who are lobster-like due to a sunburn look gorgeous in black.

The raven-haired beauty with brilliant blue eyes and porcelain skin looks stunning in black, especially if she puts on a touch of rosy blush on her cheeks.

People who look best in black are the winters. Men and women with blue undertones in their skin, with strong coloring in their hair and eyes are winters. These are the lucky ones who look fabulous in dramatic color, and in the true colors of the rainbow.

Autumns too, can carry off black. Autumns are those with golden undertones in their skin or peachy skin, and strong color for their hair and eyes. Fiery redheads with green eyes are autumns. they too look beautiful in black.

If you are a summer or spring, with delicate coloring, pale eyes or mousy colored hair, or hair that is neither bright nor very dark nor very light, black would drain whatever color you have from your. You are better off wearing gray or dark brown instead.

In any case, black looks best if you wear makeup. The rosy blush or golden glow puts in the color black drains from your face. Even if you don’t wear makeup normally, do use a touch of blush and a rosy lip gloss.

Even if you don’t look good in an all black outfit, you can look great in a slimming pair of black pants [http://www.cheap-designer-clothing.net/BlackPants.php]. Actually, anyone will look great in black pants as these basics go with every color and serve as a background for the top you wear. Just choose a top in a color that flatters you.

Source by Janice Wee

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