Distracted by the flannel shirt

I’ve been distracted by the flannel shirt … and it’s about to be summer!!!! Maybe the inspiration came from recently watching the documentary about Kurt Coba in entitled “Montage of Heck”, maybe its curling up in an over sized button up shirt that can feel like the subtle comfort of warm arms. There is just something I can’t quite explain about lumberjack sexiness.

For whatever the fire that inspires may be, I find the endless possibility of the button down flannel shirt. womens_flannel_shirts_02In itself and slightly over sized can be paired with any jeans, fitted or boyfriend cut to create comfortable but sexy looks. A little camisole, tank, tee or nothing under-neath all work and look great. Take the same flannel in a smaller and fitted size and you just dressed up your outfit. Tie a little knot in front or to the side to show a little tummy or those abs you have been working on swomens_flannel_shirts_01o hard. Celebrate your hard work and beautiful body! Be proud of the skin you are in!!!! Cut the sleeves off any flannel to create a sleeveless look for summer, or layer your flannel vest over cute top or tank and pair with cute shorts, skirt, or jeans. Take a very over sized flannel shirt and add a cute belt at the waist to turn your shirt into a cute dress! Roll up the sleeves, un-button a few buttons and add a cute long chain or necklace the right shoes and you are ready to go.

There are so many awesome colors to choose from so find the flannel that speaks to your inner sexy cuddling lumber jack. “Come as you are” and enjoy flannel shirts all year long.

Written By: Samara Vespia


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