Did you know that some manufacturers estimate that 50% of the designer jeans sold in malls, retail stores and online are fake? While we all love the look and feel of a pair of the hottest designer jeans, the thought of spending hundreds of dollars only to find out you just bought a fake is upsetting. The great news is that by following the tips in this article you can buy designer jeans anywhere with a since of confidence that you are getting the real deal. So next time you are shopping for designer jeans here are some things to look for:

Take a very close look at the fabric. Fake designer jeans by definition are cheaply made and the denim is often a coarse material that will feel stiffer and heavier than premium originals.

Pay close attention to the quality of the stitching. Premium designer jeans manufacturers take great pride in their workmanship and reject samples that do not adhere to their strict quality standards. Uneven stitching and loose threads are very good indicators that you are looking at fake designer jeans.

Virtually all designer jeans have some sort of signature stitching on the pockets that makes them unique. Go to the manufacturer’s website and become very familiar this because sometimes the difference in fake designer jeans pocket stitching is difficult to spot. If you notice a difference, you can be almost certain you are looking at a fake.

Designer jeans labels will often be the easiest way to identify a fake. Fakes will usually have subtle differences in writing or label quality. Both paper and fabric tags are usually made of cheaper materials than their authentic counterparts. If you spot an exterior hangtag with different paper quality, font or twine attachment it is almost always a fake.

Inspect the buttons. On some designer jeans the buttons are pretty close to the original, however, some buttons are different sizes, have letters missing or in some cases the wrong buttons completely.

Now you have a number of ways that you can identify fake designer jeans. If you keep these tips in mind and spend a little time to get familiar with the specific characteristics of the brands you like most, you will quickly become an expert at spotting fakes. This will be very helpful to you because while there are a large number of fakes around, there are plenty of great bargains on originals around every corner.

Remember that when it comes to shopping for clothing, full retail is for suckers.

Source by Leslie Romero

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