Marco comes from a good Venice family. A nice future awaits him. Life is going just fine for the young man, especially after he falls in love with his sister’s friend Veronica.

Veronica and Marco are crazy about one another and they are no doubt soul mates. But the happiness lasts only until Marco’s father reminds him that he has to marry according to his station; that is marrying to a girl with parents with the right background. This devastates Veronica.

She is intelligent, beautiful, modern and elegant. She is also a poet and a romantic. But that wouldn’t feed her or her family. Her mother comes up with the most shocking career option: being a courtesan. Although she is outraged by the idea, sleeping with men for money seems and sounds better than living in a convent. So after some training, Veronica turns into the perfect seductress. Well, of course Marco is shocked and he is disappointed, especially when he is one of the very few men in Venice who is rejected by her – the other one being his own cousin Maffio (Oliver Platt).

Now, Marco is stuck in an unhappy marriage, still madly in love with Veronica. Veronica still isn’t over him and as events unfold, they will find it impossible to stay apart. But Maffio has sworn for revenge and when war strikes, Veronica might just lose all the power she has and witness the whole country turn against her, except for Marco…

The movie is a brilliant period drama with wonderful performances from both Rufus Sewell and Catherine McCormack. Oliver Platt is as delightful as always and Naomi Watts has a supporting role as Marco’s wife. The scenery, costumes and the art direction are simply beautiful. It is romantic and thought-provoking. Catherine’s character Veronica is really inspiring.

It is especially recommended for the fans of period dramas and Rufus Sewell. You might remember Catherine McCormack from her short but very important role in 1995’s Braveheart.

Source by Pinar Tarhan

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