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  1. I started a Fashion Line because I was bullied in school and my mom said always take negative energy and doing something positive.
  2. My Mom/Manager Dr. Reba Perry encouraged me to start a Fashion Line that help Plus Size Kids Line build there self esteem.
  3. I learned how to sew and cut patterns at age 7 with the help of my grandma who is a expert seamstress.
  4. I am still in Public School attending 5th grade with an 95 average. When I am ready for college I will follow my Big Sister Misperri Fashions who attends FIT.
  5. In five years I see my self in High School for Designs.
  6. I look for photogenic models. They have to have the personality to wear my African Print.
  7. My biggest hurdle is people taking me serious and thinking I didn’t design the garment.
  8. What inspire me to design is that no plus size kid like me ever feel left out of the Fashion World.
  9. The Obama girls.
  10. I love Betsey Johnson she make fun designs.
  11. My clients are kid models and everyday kids.
  12. My prices range from $50- $100
  13. I always tell all my peers to never give up and always know you are never alone.
  14. The five cities I would love to design at is 1.New York, 2. Paris, 3. Nigeria, 4. London, 5. LA
  15. I will be known for my African/ Urban  Print Male/,Female with my matching dolls
  • Bio of Chubii Line
  • Egypt Ifynanya Ufele
  • Egypt Ifynanya Ufele is a 10 year old designer that resides in Queens, New York with her Mom Dr. Reba Perry & sister Sade Perry.
  • Egypt was inspired by the beautiful prints she saw while traveling to Nigeria.
  • Olisahemeka Ufele her dad exposed her to the African Culture very young.

Egypt was bullied in school because she was plus size due to taking steroids for asthma.

She learn to cope by spending quality time with her big sister designer Misperri Fashions and her maternal grandma sewing.

Egypt has recently made her big launch at UBM Fashion Week in NYC. She received a standing ovation for her creative designs.

Her motto is no kid should ever feel bad about how they look.

She wants to empower all kids to do there best & always work hard.

 By  Reba Rembert Perry  


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